The product now developed at FP Wood Oy, FP Safe, is according to preliminary tests changing radically the wood construction opportunities and expanding dramatically the use of timber in the construction industry and in other industries.

  • The fire barrier material does not cause any typical wood structural deterioration.
  • FP Wood Oy's flame retardant chemical is REACH -approved and non-toxic - it is also halogen-free and therefore environmentally friendly. Wood FP Oy's fire protection chemical does not stain the woods own specific color.
  • FP Wood Oy's fire protection chemical meets the EU standard EN 13501-1 according to the B-class flame retardant regulation on the basis of preliminary tests - in some cases even up to A-Class
  • Wood FP Oy's flame retardant chemical is particularly suitable for the plywood and veneer protection and conifer timber products

    Main potential sale target category are the plywood/veneer and various timber products. Other categories are: Roof Trusses, CLT's, softwood and hardwood sawn timber, various kinds of Wood fiber insulation, furniture, various types of further-processed mechanical forest products, etc.

    In the early stages the company offers a product called FP Safe, which is particularly suitable for spruce timber and plywood fire protection - later the company will also provide it's customers product versions, which are intended mainly for pine timber, birch timber and wood insulation fire protection.