FP Wood Oy

FP Wood Oy develops and sells wood fire protection chemicals for use in various types of wood products. We offer our customers also fire-protection wood treatment services. The first product is called FP Safe, which is intended for plywood and spruce sawn timber fire protection treatment - but the company is also developing other wood fire protection related products.

The company's overall market potential is the total wood products industry world market. This is more than 200 bln€ in Europe alone in 2014 and is expected to grow to appx. 300 bln€ by 2020. The mechanical wood industry size in Europe in the proportion of the world's market size is slightly less than 15%. The company's first target area, the domestic plywood market, is estimated in terms of production to be about 1 million. m3 of magnitude (400-500 million€) in 2014, and the growth of the market is currently about 5% per year. The whole world plywood production is about 85 million. m3 in 2014. Other FP Wood Ltd's flame protection chemicals potential applications are in other mechanical wood products : Roof Trusses, CLT-modules, inner and outer wood panels, Wood insulation materials, etc. - with a market size of more than 6.7 bln€ in Finland alone.

The company's objective is to provide wooden building industry and mechanical wood processing industries an entirely new kind of non-toxic, environmentally friendly and at least a B-class fire protection chemical - with coating ability, free from coloring effects, odorless and finally a cost-effective commercial solution.

The company's innovation has an international patent application pending in the following countries: China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, EPO (40 - countries). The company's ownership is currently the Company's management as well as investors with background in international. listed companies